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Welcome to Gigi Moda and our Italian made clothing for women where our goal is to provide the highest quality and largest selection of quality fashion for women.

Based in California we offer the perfect marriage between coastal lifestyle and effortless chic. Our purpose is to provide women of all ages with comfortable, ready to wear clothes with a fashionable Italian flair. Our clothing is made using the highest standards in textile sustainability and best manufacturing practices in Italy.

Gigi Moda was born in 2016 and today is a recognized brand and a leader in the fashion industry. Our Italian fashions can be found in over a thousand boutiques across the United States.

We believe color, quality and the softest fabrics keep anyone in great spirits. Our silks, linens and other natural fabrics, provide durability and quality. All our clothing is hand-dyed with natural colors and pigments. We keep our production volume small in order to ensure the best possible quality and treatment of our delicate fabrics.

As each item is handmade and hand-dyed, colors may vary from shipment to shipment; each batch is truly one-of-a-kind.

Gigi Moda is a proud member the AAFA (American Apparel & Footwear Association).
Gigi Moda

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